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Welcome To Timberwood Court

No one should face Alzheimer's disease or dementia alone.  Timberwood Court offers a residential program specializing in the care and support of individuals in varying stages of Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

Our unique community was designed with the residents in mind, providing an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable for both your loved one and you. Upon visiting Timberwood Court, you will feel more like you are in someone's home rather than a care facility.

Our beautiful community offers a sense of home and comfort, reducing the feelings of loneliness and confusion. We understand how important this is to our residents and their loved ones.

Our philosophy for care strives to create a specialized environment that will afford each individual maximum self-expression. The staff is committed to creating a quality of care that meets the resident's physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

Timberwood Court is the best place for your loved one at this time in their life.

Community News

Teaming Up On Treats

By Steve Lathrop courtes of Albany Democrat-Herald
Austin Mendoza obviously knew what he was doing. The 11-year-old pounded ,kneaded and rolled his mixture of peanut butter and rolled oats to the perfect consistency so the others at this table could get the most out of their cookie cutters.

Mendoza was among about a dozen members of Boys and Girls Glub of Albany who are partnering with residents at Timberwood Court Memory Care to make pet treats for SafeHaven Humane Society. "This is my second time so I know what to do," said Mendoza as he passed the lump of dough to Matt Hausotter and Tanner Fromcke who in turn carefully cut out small treats in the shape of a dog bone. The treats are baked and then taken to SafeHaven by both the kids and the Timberwood residents to feed to the animals at the shelter.

That collaboration has benefitted the kids, residents and the animals. "It was a chance to expand what we do for SafeHaven," said Laura Ellis, marketing director at Timberwood. "Our residents enjoy visiting there. This adds to that experience."

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